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Founded in 1956 by Mr. Jean Von Allmen, ROXER SA built its reputation by installing vacuum and compressed air in many watchmaking companies renowned for their high standards. ROXER SA develops devices to check the water resistance of watches. This activity enabled him to become a specialist in TIG welding. In 2003, it acquired Seiler SA, a leader in needle fitting and rod cutting machines.

Located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the cradle of the Swiss watch industry, ROXER SA has 30 employees. Specialist in leak testing, the company exports around 15% of its products to Europe, Asia and America.

In the field of mass production or after-sales service, ROXER SA offers a wide range of devices for checking the water resistance of watches by means of air or water. Undisputed leader in needle fitting, either manual or semi-automatic, ROXER SA also offers stem cutting machines as well as screwing and bottom or crystal driving jib cranes for watches.

We fight against dust, those that can hinder the proper functioning of your products. Leader in the field of brushes and blowers used during casing.

ROXER SA also offers individual laminar flow systems, adapted to each workbench, in order to obtain an atmosphere without impurities as well as ionization systems to prevent dust from settling on surfaces.

All ROXER products are guaranteed for one year and prompt after-sales service ensures a high degree of productivity.

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