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Founded in 1961 by Bernard Lecureux, our company quickly made a name for itself thanks in particular to the development of the first electric screwdriver used widely the watchmaking industry.

While this revolutionary invention is still a recognized benchmark today and contributes to our success, many developments have completed the product portfolio over the years. The famous tool subsequently became connected and has just been further improved thanks to a high-precision optical encoder.

Our know-how allows us today to occupy a leading position in the assembly, control and testing processes of precision and high-tech components in sectors as varied as watchmaking, medtech or any industry. where quality and precision prevail. Thanks to our expertise in various sectors, we are able to offer our customers standard or fully customized solutions in mechanics, electronics, software development, vision and robotics.

Lecureux is the only company to carry out all the stages while guaranteeing all the necessary quality controls. From electronic circuits, to the development of mechanical software, including the production of tooling and transport systems, everything is handled by us. The assembly, commissioning and quality of our after-sales service allow us to guarantee a high-quality finished product and to stand out through our expertise.

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