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The production of premium-grade special and effect coatings as well as industrial printing inks for decorative and functional applications on metal, plastic, chromium-plated or metallized substrates and carbon fibre composites has been our area of special expertise for almost 90 years.

Whether you are an industrial contract coater, a tier-one or tier-two supplier coating in-house or an OEM, you will find us your ideal development partner for innovative niche solutions that call for interdisciplinary know-how and precise adjustment to the processes of all your supply-chain partners. We accompany your innovative surface finish projects in close collaboration every step of the way from initial concept to fine-tuning end applications on site.

Our comprehensive expertise and experience in manufacturing a product portfolio that ranges from primers through printing inks enables us to supply ideally coordinated integrated solutions (thermal and UV-curing) in the realm of solvent-based and water-borne spray coating systems and screen and pad printing inks.

Our innovative solutions for demanding coating tasks – also available in very small batches and for small series production – cater primarily to the following sectors: automotive, spectacle-frames, domestic appliances, hearing aids, children’s toys, medical technology, sanitary fittings, writing implements, sport, watchmaking and jewellery.

Headquartered in Sissach near Basel, Switzerland, Berlac AG is one of the nine brands that comprise the Berlac Group, a globally-active group of medium-sized companies committed to the development and manufacture of top-flight solutions for finishing and protecting surfaces and for colouring plastics.

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